• Breast milk analysis

    First laboratory specifically authorized for the accurate diagnosis of mastitis and other breastfeeding disorders, guiding the treatment and avoiding pain and possible medical complications in the mother and the baby

  • Probiotic research and development

    To maintain or improve the health status in human and animals using bacteria that have been carefully selected for their beneficial health effect

  • Complex Microbiota Analysis

    To know the composition and functions of microorganisms inhabiting mucosae and epithelia at different conditions (health, disease, probiotics, antibiotics, other drugs…)

  • Starter and adjunt cultures

    To improve the quality and/or safety of foodstuffs intended for human consumption



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About us

We are a multidisciplinary team of doctors and graduates in biology, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, medicine, food science and  technology and biochemistry. We put all our knowledge and expertise at the service of biomedical, biotechnology and agrifood industries. more information

PROBISEARCH offers new alternatives for the prevention and treatment of different human and veterinary diseases.
Dr. Juan Miguel Rodríguez Gómez

First laboratory authorized for the Diagnosis of Human Mastitis and other disorders in breastfeeding